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The Social Media Laboratory

The Social Media Laboratoryaims at investigating how people think, feel, act, and communicate online. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, we study online communication in the fields of health communication (e.g. health campaigns), interpersonal and social communication (e.g. formation and change of interpersonal and social relationships), public opinion (e.g. perception and use of new media), political communication (e.g. deliberation, influence), sports and athletics, culture and education (e.g. formation and attitude change, digital literacy). We especially focus on how the use of social media and other online technologies can change communication and onthe social, psychological, economic and technological consequences of these changes.

The mission of the Social Media Lab is to meet the learning requirements in the graduate and postgraduate programmes of the School of Journalism and Media Communications, to develop research activity in all aspects of Web Communication and to contribute to studies that are conducted by researchers across the AUTh as well as other institutions, to invite distinguished scientists, to organise and host educational seminars, conferences, meetings and talks addressed to the students of the School, the staff and the research community, to publish scientific articles, reports and collections that relate to the research activity of the lab, to promote the cooperation with other domestic or foreign academic institutions and research centres, to collaborate with the public sector bodies related to our scientific area and, finally, participate in research programmes launched by the public, private and national organisations.

The laboratory is located in the School’s building, on 46, Egnatia street.

Head of the Laboratory
AntonisGardikiotis, Assoc. Professor, email:

Members of the Laboratory
Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou, Asst. Professor, email:
Nikolaos Tsigillis, Asst. Professor, email:
Dr. Clio Kenterelidou, Senior Teaching Fellow, email:

Scientific Associates
Dr. Eleni Kioumi, PhD Candidate, email:
Eva Malinaki, PhD Candidate, email:
EfthimisSavvakis, PhD Candidate, email: