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The Media Informatics Laboratory

The Media Informatics Laboratory was established at the beginning of 2002 by Professor Andreas Veglis, but it has been operational on an informal basis since 1996. The lab serves educational and research needs in the following fields: applications of office automation, Desktop Publishing (DTP), Internet services, organising and presenting news material on the Internet, multimedia applications, and distance-learning.

The lab is responsible for the teaching of computer-related courses (compulsory and optional) offered by the undergraduate and the postgraduate programmes of the School of Journalism & Mass Communications. The computer lab is also available to the students of the School for practice and the completion of assigned coursework from other courses. It comprises three separate labs with fully-equipped computers to cover the needs of the great number of students. The first lab is located on the 5th floor of the School’s building, equipped with 20 available computers operating on Linux Mint and open-source applications.  The second lab, housed on the 1st floor in Pavilion 1 of the Thessaloniki International Fair, includes 20 dual boot (Windows and MacOs) computers and the third lab, located on the third floor of the Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences Building, includes 20 computers running under Widows operating system. The lab participates in a number of Laboratory computer networks in Greece and abroad and it cooperates with research bodies,such as EKETA. It also participates in the development of research projects with national and European funds/resources. Information can be found on

Head of the Laboratory
Andreas Veglis, Professor, tel. 2310- 99-2092, email:

Members of the Laboratory
Dr. Konstantinos Barbargiris, Special Teaching Fellow, tel. 2310-99-2080email:
Dr. Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos, Senior Teaching Fellow, email:
Dr.ElisavetGeorgiadou, Senior Teaching Fellow, email:
Giannis Aggelou, PhD Candidate, tel: 2310-99-2065, email:
EfstathiosSidiropoulos, PhD Candidate, tel. 2310-99-2065, email:
Demetrios Yiomelakis, PhD Candidate, tel. 2310-99-2065, email:
Christina Karipidou, PhD Candidate, tel. 2310-99-2065, email:
Kosmas Panagiotidis, PhD Candidate, tel. 2310-99-2065, email:
Theodora Saridou, PhD Candidate, tel. 2310-99-2065, email:
Matthew Tomonto, PhD Candidate, tel. 2310-99-2065, email: