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Peace Journalism Laboratory

Description- Context-Activities

The Peace Journalism Laboratory was established in 2012, in response to the following considerations and issues:

  1. Greece undergoes today one of the most crucial periods in modern history, a deep financial, political and social crisis which commenced in 2009, due to the destabilization of the democratic processes and constitutions and the developing culture of controversy and violence enforced because of fear: a fear for the future, for the deterioration of living conditions, the loss of national identity and sovereignty and a fear for the ‘other’,
  2. the immigration crisis in Greece since 2009, which was characterized by the United Nations as a ‘humanitarian crisis’,
  3. mass media play a crucial role in the polarization and appeasement of controversy and violence, in the formation of collective standards, models and concepts as well as in combating the stereotypes, racism, hate speech and in the promotion of multiculturalism.

The Peace Journalism Laboratory is a centre of excellence in its field. It addresses interdisciplinary topics such as European and International Journalism, Peace Journalism, Crisis Management, HateSpeech, Misinformation, Media and War, and Education in Mass Media. The laboratory promotes research through various activities and programmes in all the above areas. It also upholds the development of new skills for students, researchers and professionals in the fields of Journalism and Communication.

Its main aims are:

  • to promote qualitative and investigative journalism,
  • to develop innovations in journalism,
  • to conduct research in the areas of international and peace journalism,
  • to carry an analysis of crisis management – strategic communication,
  • to develop education in mass media.

The cornerstone of the lab is the teaching of courses in the Greek postgraduate and the English postgraduate programmes of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

The courses offered in the English MA programme are:

  • Peace Journalism, in the pathway of Risk Communication
  • Reporting War & Crises, in the pathway of Risk Communication
  • Media and Diversity in Europe, in the pathway of European Journalism

The courses offered in the Greek MA programme are:

  • Peace Journalism and Digital Platforms
  • Crisis Management

Research Programmes

A major part of the lab is to promote research in the areas that it is actively involved in, and specifically in the role of traditional and new media in the prevention and management of crises, and the use of media to promote democratic dialogue. Finally, it intends to eliminate hate speech and discrimination, to promote media literacy and the development of control mechanisms, and, finally, to establish control mechanisms for the detection of fake news.

More information can be found on

The Peace Journalism Laboratory is located on the first floor of the School’s building, in 46, Egnatia street.

Head of the Laboratory
Nikolaos Panagiotou, Assoc. Professor, email:
Christos Frangonikolopoulos, Professor, email:

Ιlias Nikezis
Anthi Baliou
Spyridoula Markou
Erasmia Tsipou