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The Cultural and Visual Studies Laboratory

The Cultural and Visual Studies Laboratory contributes to the promotion of interdisciplinary learning, study and research in the following areas:

  • forms and genres of contemporary popular culture, as they have been developed on, print, visual, audio, audio-visual and online digital media,
  • contemporary processes and conditions of production and distribution of cultural products as well as the ways of consumption and absorption (cultural practices, behaviours, uses and preferences),
  • forms and genres of contemporary visual communication (photojournalism, documentary, advertising, television, cinema, visual records, web platforms, multimedia and exhibition practices) focusing on the social, political, aesthetic and generally cultural dimensions and functions.

Among the activities that the lab has been involved in are:

  • the supervision of postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral research in the aforementioned areas of research,
  • the design and implementation of research for Greek television as well as for the public of cultural organisations of Thessaloniki,
  • the organisation of an international conference forGreek television (December 2016) and the publication of the conference proceedings (Epikentro, 2019),
  • the organisation of postgraduate seminars on research methodology issuesin the area of culture
  • the creation of archive collections for popular culture and mass media in the 80s,
  • the creation of a digital database in collaboration with the Institute of Communication for the Greek print advertisements (1945-2015) and television commercials (1980s and 1990s),
  • conducting a monthly seminar focusing on thehistory of commercial television in Greece.

The laboratory is located in the School’s building, on 46, Egnatia street.

Head of the Laboratory
GregoryPaschalidis, Professor, email:

Vassilis Vamvakas, Assoc. Professor, email:
Zoi Ververopoulou, Asst. Professor, email:
Nikolaos Tsigilis, Asst. Professor, email:
Sofia Nikolaidou, Senior Teaching Fellow, email:
OuraniaKonsta, Special Technical and Laboratory Staff, email:

Research Associates:
Maria Troulou, PhD Candidate, email:
OrsaliaKassavetes, Postdoctoral Researcher, email:
AlekaStamatiadi, PhD Candidate, email:
OdysseasGarganas, PhD Candidate, email: