Saturday 18 May 2024
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Invitation for Erasmus students

The Librarians Rania Konsta and Tamy Papachristou of the Department of Journalism and Mass Media are organizing cultural visits in Museums and Historical places. Our first invitation concerns the exhibition under the title: “Recorded Memories” at the Museum of Photography.

The exhibition features works by twenty-two artists from eleven countries in Southeastern Europe, who address various aspects of collective memory, places of memory, different cultures of memory, as well as the role of image in these processes. With the use of photographs and videos, the artists examine through their works the ways with which the past continues to be present in this particular region of Europe that has been marked by conflicts, hostilities and wars. The exhibition brings together artistic works that present very different historical narratives and, beyond that, different uses to which the camera can be put: as a device for producing matter-of-fact recordings or biographical accounts, for subjective documentation or historical analysis or as a means of capturing the vestigial traces of an action.

  • Day & Time: Tuesday, the 5th of May at
  • Meeting Point: Entrance of Τhe Museum of Photography, which is seated at Warehouse A, at the Port of Thessaloniki
  • Admission Fee for the guided tour in English is 0.50 €.

All Erasmus Students who wish to participate should contact the Library by person, by telephone 2310-992094, or email: