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Θερινό σχολείο με θέμα: “Summer University Prague 2018: Project Europe at a Crossroads” (8 – 22.9.2018).

Δείτε την παρακάτω ανακοίνωση aπό το συνεργαζόμενο με το ΑΠΘ Πανεπιστήμιο Charles University της Πράγας, που αφορά διοργάνωση Θερινού σχολείου με θέμα: “Summer University Prague 2018: Project Europe at a Crossroads” (8 – 22.9.2018).

Καταληκτική ημερομηνία υποβολής αιτήσεων συμμετοχής είναι η 30η Ιουνίου 2018.

We would like to invite your students and colleagues to the academic programme “Summer University Prague 2018: Project Europe at a Crossroads”, taking place at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) during September 2018 (September 8 – 22). This study programme is internationally acknowledged, successful participants will be given 4 or 8 ECTS credits, depending on their efforts.

For detailed information please see the leaflet, our homepage or Facebook page Spring and Summer Universities Prague.

The Institute of International Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University) has been organizing similar spring and summer programmes every year since 2009. More than 450 students from 56 different countries have already participated in these courses.

We would appreciate if you could share this message with your students and colleagues who might be interested in this offer.

The preliminary application deadline is June 30, 2018. Earlier applications have better chances of admission.