Courses Timetable – Spring semester 2018-2019

  • Classes start on Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Timetable to be announced in February 2019
  • For changes to your Learning Agreement or other academic matters, please contact the School ECTS Coordinators (Dr. Ioanna Kostarella, Dr. Dimitris Lyvanios).
Teaching staff Course Code Course title ECTS Notes
M. Tzoanopoulou (Asst. Prof) IP0300 Writing for the Broadcast Media 6  
G. Kalliris (Prof.)
M. Matsiola (Instructor)
IP0700 Electronic Mass Media Technology** 6 Electronic Media Lab*
D. Livanios (Asst. Prof.) IP0800 Introduction to Modern Balkan History 1804-1950 6 Independent study
V. Banou (Instructor) IP1800 TV production II 6 Laboratory/ workshop
F. Galatsopoulou (Instructor)
Cl. Kenterelidou (Instructor)
IP2000 Travel Journalism and Communication 6 Experiential
D. Kazana (Instructor) IP4500 The Language of Propaganda in the Media 6  


Experiential courses are offered as simulations rather than lectures in the classroom. Students learn through active participation, by doing and from experience, and they explore knowing as a practical and continuous activity.
Independent study courses are offered in the form of an end-of-term assignment or project, supervised by the professor in charge.
Laboratory workshops include instruction in the Electronic Media Laboratory.

* The Electronic Media Lab is not located in the School building but near the Campus.
** IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because this is a TV and radio laboratory course with limited number of places, it is offered only for undergraduate students in journalism & mass media. Students interested in taking this course need to contact Prof. G. Kalliris or Dr M. Matsiola as soon as their Learning Agreement is validated in the spring semester.


Please consult the following maps.