Courses Timetable – Fall semester 2018-19

  • Welcome meeting: Monday, October 1, 12 noon, room 4b (46, via Egnatia)
  • Classes start on Monday, October 1.
  • For changes to your Learning Agreement or other academic matters, please contact the School ECTS Coordinators (Dr. Ioanna Kostarella, Dr. Dimitris Lyvanios).
Teaching staff Course Code Course title ECTS Day/Hours Room
Μ. Tsiousia (MA, PhD candidate)
Z. Ververopoulou (Asst. Prof.)
IP1900 Writing Personal Columns in Newspapers, Magazines & Blogs 6 Wednesday 11.30-14.00 4b (4th floor, 46, via Egnatia)
Ν. Panagiotou (Assist. Prof.)
E. Nikezis (MA, PhD candidate)
IP3500 News Sources and International News Organizations 6 Thursday 14.30-17.00 4b (4th floor, 46, via Egnatia)
D. Kazana (Instructor) IP2100 Writing for the Print Media 6 Friday 14.30-17.00 Hall 4 (Law School Building, 1st floor, main campus)
D. Kazana (Instructor) IP4500 The Language of Propaganda in the Media 6 Tuesday 11.30-14.00 Room D
(Law School Building, ground floor, main campus)
G. Paschalidis (Professor) IP4600 New Media: Theories and Perspectives* 6 Tuesday 17.00-19.30 2b (2nd floor, 46, via Egnatia)
Chr. Frangonikolopoulos (Associate Professor) IP4700 Concepts and Aspects of European Journalism ** 6 Thursday 17.00-19.30 2b (2nd floor, 46, via Egnatia)
Sophia Kaitatzi-Whitlock (Professor) IP4800 Risk Communication** 6 Wednesday 19.30-22.00 2b (2nd floor, 46, via Egnatia)


Important notice: The Law School building in located in the main campus
*Available only to postgraduate students
**Available only to advanced 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students