Information for Students

For all necessary information concerning mobility of students,  please visit the web-page of European Educational Programmes Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (G THESSAL01)
Head of the Office: Ms. Ioanna Georgiadou tel. +30 2310995293, Fax +30 2310995292
Incoming Students for A.U.Th: Ms. Nikoletta Kapnizou. tel. +30 2310995166
Ms. Vasiliki Mpoukla tel. +30 2310 991391
Responsible for the Erasmus-Mundus program: Ms. Nassia Chourmouziadou tel. +30 2310995289

Accommodation and Dining Facilities

There are three Student Hall dormitories on campus, which offer single or double bedrooms. Relevant information can be obtained from Socrates/Erasmus programme coordinators and from the department of International Relations and Educational Programmes.

(Telephone: 0030 – 2310 995229, 995293)

All students are entitled to two free meals a day on weekdays, upon presentation of a student ID card (pass). Detailed relevant information can be provided at the Student’s Club (telephone: 2310.992612). Furthermore, the Aristotle University Student’s Club, which is located at the eastern side of the campus, offers students the chance to enjoy also a large number of services: refectories, health care centre, reading-rooms, hair salon, and cafeteria.

Sports Facilities

Aristotle University sports facilities are located at the University Physical Education Centre, at the eastern side of the campus. Students are encouraged to pursue fitness and open recreation activities.

Central Library

The Central Library building is on the Aristotle University campus. Students may use the Student Reading-Room, which is located on the first floor of the Central Library. The Central Reading-Room and the Staff Reading-Room are on the ground floor. Entrance to the Central Reading-Room is permitted only to those students who carry out projects assigned by their teachers. In such a case, students must obtain an official certificate from their teachers and present it to the Administration Office of the Central Library in order to get a pass card. Admission to the Student Reading-Room is not subject to any restrictions and is free of charge for all students.

Student Transport Fares

A 25% reduction in the fares of all means of transport for travelling inland (rail, bus, and airplane) is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students, upon demonstration of the student ID card (pass). A special card, “passo”, is issued to students by the Secretariat of their Faculty and/or School after their registration. The card is renewed each academic year, and it is strictly personal.

Student Health and Insurance

All currently enrolled undergraduate students are entitled to free medical care including medication and hospitalization, provided they present their Medical Care Book (issued by the Secretariat of the Department after their registration) to the doctor of the University Students’ Club or of a public hospital (telephone: 2310.992642). Students from European Union countries covered by their home Social Security Service should carry with them the E 111 form issued at their country.