Courses Timetable – Spring semester 2017-2018

Teaching staff Course Code Course title Day/Hours Room
M. Tzoanopoulou (Lecturer) IP0300 Writing for the Broadcast Media Friday 09:00-11:30 4 Law School**
G. Kalliris (Assoc. Prof.)
M. Matsiola (Instructor)
IP0700 Electronic Mass Media Technology Wednesday 09:00-11:30 Media Lab*
D. Livanios (Asst. Prof.) IP0800 Introduction to Modern Balkan History 1804-1950 Thursday 14:30-17:00
G. Tsourvakas (Assoc. Prof.) IP1200 Media Management (tutorial) Friday 14:00-16:30 2B
V. Banou (Instructor) IP1800 TV production II Wednesday 09:00-11:30 Media Lab*
F. Galatsopoulou (Instructor)
Cl. Kenterelidou (Instructor)
IP2000 Travel Journalism and Communication Thursday 11:30-14:00 212 Law School**

*The Media Lab is not in the School building, but near the Campus.
** Law Scholl building in the Campus
Please consult the following maps.